Welcome to GIDE Support Portal
  1. GIDE Brief User Interface Description
    Explore the GIDE user interface. Navigate via clickable screen tabs and ribbon bars on the GIDE screen for a description of functions and features. Click here:GIDE User Interface (http://mygide.uk/user-interface)
  2. Hardware Requirements
    Client station * Ca. 50 MB free hard disk space * Ca. 2 GB free RAM * NET Framework 4.0 * Network access to SQL server, file server and Poweroom service SQL server * SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher is required * Up to 10 GB hard disk space ...
  3. GIDE Quick Start
    * Create Model (#createm) * Edit model properties (#editmp) * Create Statement (#creates) * Create Account (#createa) * Accounts Import (#accimport) * Edit account properties and appearance (#editapa) * Edit Statement (#edits) * Add for...