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Snapshots let you save current values of accounts or entire models. The saved values displayed then facilitate comparison the current values as changes with those saved.


Creating Model Snapshots

01 / In the Models tab of the Navigation window, right-click on any model. Then select Create Snapshot from the context menu.

02 / Select the models for which you want to create a Snapshot by ticking that item in the window that displays.




03 / In the New Snapshot window, enter the following:

  • Code – an alphanumeric string to identify a Snapshot in the list of Snapshots
  • Snapshot Name – the Snapshot title that will display in the list of Snapshots
  • Notes – a comment of your choice for the newly-created Snapshot
  • Data to Save – Tick the box by the period for which you want to save values, and from the roll-down menu select the type of data values.



04 / Click on Create.

05 / The newly-created Snapshot displays in the Home tab, under Snapshots.


Deleting Snapshots

In the Home tab, under Snapshots, mark a specific Snapshot and click on the Delete Snapshot icon.

Tip: You can temporarily deactivate a Snapshot from displaying. Just untick the box next to the desired Snapshot’s name. If you tick the item again, the Snapshot will re-activate.


Displaying Snapshots

In the main work area, mark a specific account or more accounts, by pressing Shift and clicking on the Snapshot icon. If you want to display a Snapshot for all of a model’s accounts, click in the field for Filter Row before clicking on the Snapshot icon.


Hiding Snapshots

In the main work area, mark a specific account, and right-click. Then from the context menu select Hide Details, or click on the Hide Details icon in the tool bar. You can hide the details of a selected account or for all accounts, by clicking on the menu arrow and selecting Hide All Details or Hide Details.


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