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Importing Data from a Local File

01 / Click here to download import template file. 

02 / Under Import/Export, select the Import Data option, then in the main work area click on the ellipses (‘...’) symbol. In the window that displays, browse the import file and confirm by clicking the Open button.

03 / A window will display showing all available models (See Image bellow). Tick the check box for the model to select it for data import. You can select one, several, or all the models. Confirm your choice by clicking on Choose.



Tip: In this window’s tool bar, icons are available for selecting and marking models.

04 / Confirming the models selected will bring up a window for you to select the period (See Image bellow) for which you want to import data. Ticking the check box for the desired year will mark that line as a period for data import. You can select one, several, or all the periods. Confirm your choice by clicking on OK.



05 / In the table that displays (See Image Bellow), in the main work area, select the period for which data is to be imported. Right–click in the table header, and from the context menu select the period, or tick the check box for the specific period in the table header.

  • The items to be imported are marked in white.
  • The items not imported will be marked in orange, because they are not in the selected model (because the source file code does not correspond to the code in the selected model).
  • The items marked in blue will not be imported, even if they are in the model (because the account contains a function that by default does not allow values to be imported).

Tip: If an item is highlighted in blue, but you still want to import the values, just tick the check box under History Import for the relevant line.



Tip: In GIDE, if you want to select for import an account other than the default account, click on the question mark in the relevant line in which you want to make the change. This will bring up a window, where you will select the account into which the values are to be imported.

06 / Initiate import by clicking on the Import button.



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