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Import of Accounts

01 / Click here to download import template file. 

02 / Under Import/Export, select the Accounts Import option, then in the main work area click on the ellipses (‘...’) symbol. In the window that displays, browse the import file and confirm by clicking the Open button.

03 / A window will display showing all available models (See Image bellow). Tick the check box for the model to select it for accounts import. You can select one, several, or all the models. Confirm your choice by clicking on Choose.



Tip: In this window’s tool bar, icons are available for selecting and marking models.

04 / In the upper part of the table that displays, tick the check box Create, which marks all the lines in the table.

05 / Confirm with the Import button.

Tip: To make them easier to find, you can give each model a unique code and text abbreviation. Just click on the Substitutions button in the upper part of the main work area, and enter a code and abbreviation for that model in the window that appears. Then confirm by clicking OK.