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GIDE Package

We strongly recommend you to save the GIDE Package folder in a newly created folder directly on your Local Disk (e.g. C:\Temp) instead of any existing personal location (like Desktop, Downloads, etc.). By doing this you prevent possible installation errors of SQL scripts.

Standard delivery of the GIDE Client installation pack includes several folders and installation applications:




The .NET Framework is a technology that supports the building and running of the next generation of applications and XML Web services. .NET is an integral part of many applications running on Windows and provides common functionality for those applications to run. (more at https://www.microsoft.com/net)


Windows Installer

The Microsoft® Windows® Installer (MSI) is the application installation and configuration service for Windows. (more at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8483)


GIDE Client Resources

This provides all necessary installation elements for the GIDE Client Setup. There is no need to click on this item.


GIDE Client Setup

This is the core installation application for GIDE. Right click and choose Run as administrator to run the installation and follow the wizard.