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Configure Server Connection

Follow these steps to configure a new connection to the SQL Server where the GIDE SQL component was installed previously.

01 / Run the GIDE application as you would any other application.

02 / Click on the New button to set up a new Server connection.


03 / In the displayed window enter the following details to configure a connection correctly and click on the Login button.

  • Connection Name – type the name of this connection, which will be displayed in the dialogue prompting for a SQL Server connection, once the GIDE Client is started
  • Server Name – name or IP address of the SQL Server. A list of all SQL Servers available on the local network appears after expanding the combo-box (this may take a while). Named instances of SQL Servers should appear automatically, except for SQL Server Express editions where only the server name is displayed (this is a known limitation of SQL Server Express edition). It's necessary to append the named instance manually using following format: <server_name>\<named_instance>.If a port number is required, append it using a standard format: [,port_num]
    Note: For single-user (evaluation) installations, either localhost or should work in most cases.
  • Authentication choose an authentication type and details (for SQL Server based authentication)
  • Login/Password – SQL Server Login and its password used to connect to SQL Server.