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User Modes

GIDE is available in three user modes, which determine the range of functions available:



Only the project administrator can set the user mode (and therefore the extent of user rights) for an individual user. 


Preview Mode


Preview Mode is for work with models already created and statements with data already entered, whether the data is historic or planned.

This mode enables you to:


  • Display statements
  • View data
  • View data relationships in accounts
  • Search for data
  • Categorize statement data
  • Print statements
  • Export data
  • Create, print or export graphs



Modelling Mode


Modelling Mode is for active work with data, and especially for modelling future data trends, i.e. planning within the parameters of predetermined models and statements.

In addition to all the options available in Preview Mode, Modelling Mode allows you to:


  • Model account values
  • Adjust the statement tree
  • Adjust statement format and appearance
  • Import data



Design Mode


Design Mode is for active work in creating or modifying the system’s ‘building blocks’, such as accounts, mathematical formulas, statements, models, consolidation relationships, and so on.



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